About Us

We’re a small family business and family is our everything.

I wanted our family in a soft book for our son to enjoy reading and treasure for his lifetime. Our family is spread out and I wanted him to see them as often as possible in a format he would be able to connect with right away. It also needed to be safe and soft, something which could be thrown or chewed and not damaged by an enthusiastically exploring baby! So we made it happen.

Right from the start his excitement and joy of discovery was captivating as a parent. He loved seeing his family, babbling to them, kissing them and cuddling them tight. He was entranced by the black and white contrast and bold patterns and loved looking at it during tummy-time, while in the car and when we put it on the pram. It has been his favourite book for over two years, and now he not only reads it to us but has started to spell out the words! It brightens his day to see the smiling faces of those who love him and it soothes his tears when we are apart.

We knew our little book was something precious, to us and our son, and we decided we couldn’t keep them all to ourselves! So in late 2016 we opened our virtual My Family Book doors to give as many families the opportunity to expereience the same joy, happiness and development as we’ve seen with our own son. We’ve quickly expanded from our Australian base to see our personalised black and white books being loved in NZ, UK, Europe, Asia and the USA.

My Family Book is a product deeply filled with love, combining best early learning and development principles with timeless style to be the worldwide leader in black and white books for infants. We design and handcraft each of our books using luxe cotton materials that wil be 100% soft and cuddly for your baby.

As a Mum, I know how we all want the absolute best for our babes as they grow. Nothing is as important as family and we love being able to make you and your families the centrepiece of early learning and development through our beautiful personalised black and white books.