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We love helping you to make the most of your personalised My Family Book so that you can cherish it for years to come. We’ve put together our 5 top tips to consider when creating your :

Its all in the faces and eyes

Babies love connecting with faces and eyes in particular so don't be afraid to get up close and personal for some head shots. You are beautiful and they love seeing you smile!

Be the focus

Make your faces the centre of your images and in focus. If you can't see it, baby will have an even harder time finding you.

Keep your photos light and bright

Using natural, bright or light backgrounds help to provide contrast to you in photos, which makes it easier for developing eyes to distinguish. Shadowy or dark images make it difficult for baby to connect with you.

Collage pages to fit more people in

Using photo editing apps to create collages of your photos is the perfect way to fit more people into your five image pages. Works perfectly so long as the overall collage frame is a square.

Edit & crop your photos

Square framed images work best in My Family Books. Make sure that your images are cropped in a square frame or square framed collage and use a filter or edit to tonal/black & white for best printing results.